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Schooling in perspective: A graduate school in applied history of education

”Misunderstanding of the present is the inevitable consequence
of ignorance of the past”.

Marc Bloch

In 2020, the national graduate school “Schooling in perspective: A graduate school in applied history of education” starts. This graduate school, funded by the Swedish Research Council, is a unique investment in educational history research that aims to make a fundamental contribution to the international field of history of education by developing research in applied history of education. It is thus a graduate school for those who want to understand why our school system looks like it does today, want to nuance the image of the school “in the good old days” marketed in the media, or reveal the conflicts and injustices that have characterized the history of education. In all, the graduate school funds ten PhD-students, and includes two externally funded PhD-students.

On laptops, the English language menu is available when moving your cursor over the Swedish language menu above. (please notice that this website is under construction)

Do you have questions about our graduate school?

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