PhD Courses and Workshops

Located at Sweden’s four strongest educational-historical environments, with a vision of a cohesive graduate school on an international basis, this graduate school is designed to provide doctoral students with the best conditions for contributing to the international research field. The four joint activities of the graduate school are crucial in this regard: international workshops, doctoral courses, ventilation seminars and secondments. The workshops lay the foundations for a high methodological and theoretical expertise, the doctoral courses clarify the focus of the research school, and its ventilation seminars and secondments (where doctoral students may stay for a while at another university) strengthen the research school’s cohesion and its quality. Listed below are the courses and boarding courses offered by the research school.

PhD Courses

  • Introduction to Applied History of Education (Örebro)
  • Education in Debate and Historical Narratives (Umeå)
  • School Systems and School Reforms (Uppsala)
  • International and Transnational Perspectives (Stockholm)

Optional PhD Courses

  • Educational Utopias (Stockholm)
  • Education in History and Society (Umeå)
  • Histories of Modern Societies (Uppsala)


  • I Writing a PhD in Applied History of Education (Örebro)
  • II Research Design (Stockholm)
  • III Methods(Umeå)
  • IV Theory (Uppsala)
  • V Defining a Contribution to the Research Field

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